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Body-Jet Liposuction Sculpts with Water


Correct small pockets of fat with pressurized water using Body-Jet liposuction.

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Water has always been a powerful force, but now it's being used to sculpt bodies with Body-Jet. It's one of the most popular new methods of liposuction and uses pressurized water to break fat cells away from surrounding structures so it can be more easily removed.

The {!Body-Jet} Liposuction system was developed in Germany in 2000 and has been used in Asia and Europe since 2004. It has been FDA approved in the US for over a year and many physicians turn to it as an alternative to other forms of liposuction. As Bay Area board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Daryl Hoffman says, "The Body-Jet uses a jet of water to dislodge the fat. It actually harvests the fat and you can collect that fat for use in transfer later."

Many patients like to reuse their fat in transfer procedures to add volume elsewhere on the body. Popular areas to add volume are the breast, buttocks, and it's used as a facial filler. Dr. Hoffman says he also likes to use Body-Jet for follow up treatments after a previous liposuction procedure. "I find that it's a really good method to get out more fat when other forms of liposuction have been used and you're trying to do a secondary treatment."
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Body-Jet results of Dr. Todd Malan

Some physicians believe that the water-jets are gentle and that the procedure is faster and more effective than traditional liposuction methods, with patients reporting excellent results. Talk to your doctor about liposuction alternatives and ask if Body-Jet might be right for you.