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At-Home Anti-Aging with the Personal Microderm


Enjoy better skin right at home with microdermabrasion you do all on your own.

Fighting sun damage is one of the aging battles we all face, especially if we spent a lot of time outdoors or don't use sunscreen. Luckily there are several treatments available from your dermatologist or at your medical spa that can go a long way towards reducing the appearance of sun damage. One of those methods has come home with a new device for DIY microdermabrasion.

personal microderm on the doctors
Image courtesy of www.thedoctorstv.com

Featured today on The Doctors, the Personal Microderm works much like the treatment you'd receive at the spa or doctors office and removes the top layer of dead skin to reveal fresh, beautiful skin underneath. Users enjoy not only the ease of treating themselves at home, but the savings from return visits to the doctor.

When the top layer of dead skin is removed, anti-aging products become much more effective as they are able to better penetrate to the deep layers of skin and are better absorbed.

The Personal Microderm not only abrades the skin, but also provides suction to remove the dead skin cells and stimulate circulation to the face. When the circulation is improved, the collagen growth is improved as well so that over time users can expect to see tighter skin. For more information, visit http://personalmicroderm.com/