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Surgical and Non-Surgical Options for Vaginal Rejuvenation


Women who are looking to return to a more youthful vaginal area have many choices available.

The effects of aging and gravity take place all over the body, including the vaginal area. Many women in their 40s and older are displeased with the appearance of their vaginas and turn to cosmetic procedures for help.

AHB reviews the latest non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedures!

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There are many options available, including non-surgical treatments. Today on The Doctors, plastic surgeon Dr. Christine Hamori discusses the labial puff. In this procedure, the physician places filler injections into the labia majora. Dr. Hamori says that she prefers the filler Sculptra because it stimulates the growth of collagen and restores the volume that's been lost with age. The reinvigorated labia majora better conceals the labia minora, providing a better overall aesthetic.

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Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman also explains that multiple injections may be necessary, and the area needs to be massaged following treatment to ensure even volumizing. Before the injections, the doctor commonly applies a topical anesthetic to numb the area and make the procedure more comfortable. Patients tend to feel more comfortable when getting intimate and say that sex is more enjoyable.

Surgical procedures are available too, such as the labiaplasty and vaginalplasty which both fall under the more general term vaginal rejuvenation. Dr. Paul Vitenas, a cosmetic surgeon in Houston, says that in the last 5-6 years, these procedures have grown in popularity. As he explains, one procedure treats the external appearance of the vagina while the other works with the internal portion.

In labiaplasty, patients seek to reduce their labia. "Very often we have requests to decrease the size of the labia menora - the small labia - or the big labia. Usually in women who have not had children, it's the small labia that they want to be trimmed or made smaller," says Dr. Vitenas. He is also able to correct asymmetry in the area and help women to feel more comfortable during intimacy.

For women who've had children, there are a couple of issues to be corrected. As Dr. Vitena describes, "Due to the hormonal changes with pregnancy, and especially in women who have had multiple pregnancies and vaginal deliveries, the vaginal canal becomes enlarged. Rarely, very rarely will the vaginal walls come back to the same place where they were before." For many of these patients, vaginalplasty is the better option. With this procedure, the physician narrows the vaginal canal and tightens the muscle at the opening of the vagina.

As with any cosmetic procedure, it's important to discuss the options and your desired outcome with your physician to determine the best treatment for your needs.

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