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MiXto CO2 Fractional Laser Treats Wrinkles On Elbows


Don't let your elbows tell your age - especially if you take good care of the rest of your body! A new combination of filler and laser resurfacing treatment could be exactly what you need to turn the clock back.

Anti-aging products are all the rage - with options such as lotions, creams and serums available in your local drugstore to more expensive department store brands. And these products are no longer just for the face - they are now used to treat the body to eliminate signs of aging. But what if the products aren't working? As recently seen on The Doctors, the next step for consumers could be a combination of fillers and Fractional Resurfacing laser treatments. No longer just for the face, these procedures can be applied to anywhere else on the body - it this case, the elbows.

Elbow Wrinkle Treatment
Actual Elbow Wrinkle Treatment Results of Dr. Sandra Lee
Image Courtesy of www.thedoctorstv.com

Elbows and knees are often subjected to a lot of movement, which creates laxity in the skin around these key points. Wrinkles in the elbows could be a sign of aging that are easily treated with a visit to the dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon.

A combination therapy that has been frequently used on the face to address facial laxity and lines is a 2 step process: an injection of a filler such as Radiesse or Restylane and then a laser resurfacing treatment for skin tightening on the external part of the skin, in this case, with the MiXto CO2 Fractional Laser.

Unlike injecting fillers into the face, fillers injected into the body can be deeper into the dermis - the goal is to build up volume vs. addressing fine lines. Immediately following filler injection, the fine lines are treated with the MiXto Laser, a fractional laser that stamps fine micro-dots in the skin. The dot technology allows for less skin to be damaged by the laser which translates to quicker healing, less redness, and less potential for scarring.

The combination of added volume and skin resurfacing restores the appearance of youth and smoothness to even the most wrinkly of body parts!