Carrie Fisher is New Jenny Craig Spokesperson


Weight loss giant Jenny Craig has a new spokesperson in 54 year old actress Carrie Fisher.

Carrie Fisher has now joined the ranks of Jenny Craig spokesperson, along with other celebrities like Valerie Bertinelli, Sarah Rue, and Jason Alexander. Fisher reportedly told Us Weekly that she'd like to get back into the famous Princess Leia gold bikini. "I would like to have the option of getting back into the metal bikini. I won't be doing that, but I'd like the option," she said.

carrie fisher weight loss
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She's already lost 12 lbs on the program and is looking forward to losing around 30 pounds total. Fisher said that seeing hurtful comments about herself online is part of her motivation and she wants to silence those who make jokes about her weight.

Already, Fisher is nearly halfway to her goal and has said that she's happy to be losing weight. "I'm glad that I'm thinner," she told Us. "And I'm glad that I found a way to get thinner."

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