Tips to Boost Your Metabolism After 40


Metabolism slows with age, but you can fight back with these tips to speed up your metabolism naturally.

As menopause looms, many women begin gaining weight, though they haven't changed their diet. It's all due to drastic hormonal changes which can decrease metabolism and cause other trouble including night sweats, moodiness, diminished sex drive and loss of energy. As Dr. Oz explains today, there are ways to battle this change and regain some of your old energy.

menopause weight gain
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Dr. Oz says that after 40 your metabolism winds down by about 5% every 10 years. Managing your weight after menopause is a combination of boosting your metabolism and getting the right nutrients for your changing body. Working some key foods into your diet will help keep your hormones - and your metabolism - in balance.

Since your metabolism has slowed, Dr. Oz says it's often a good idea to cut around 100 calories from your diet. To protect against hunger, he says that foods containing soluble fiber are a great defense against both belly fat and hunger. Fiber fills you up so you stay satisfied and eat less. He recommends 25 grams of fiber every day once you reach 40 and you can find fiber in foods like brown rice, and even raspberries.

Exercise is also critical in battling an aging metabolism. It acts as a mood enhancer because working out causes a spike in seratonin levels. Seratonin is a chemical in the brain which combats depression, so if you're feeling down, going for a run is a much better solution for your body and mental health than sitting down with a pint of ice cream. Further, muscle burns 3 times more calories than fat, helping to keep you trim even when you're resting. It's common to lose muscle mass with age, so exercise to fight this loss.

Some foods are a natural metabolism booster, such as black pepper. It contains the alkaloid piperine which has been shown to speed up metabolism. Oolong tea is another option. It's low in caffeine but, according to Dr. Oz, it contains polyphenols that help block fat-building enzymes. Research has shown that your metabolism is boosted for 2 hours after just one cup.

You can fight back against the changes of menopause through diet and exercise. Maintaining your metabolism and your weight may not be as easy, but with some extra work, you can manage your menopause.