Jump Start Your Health with the 17 Day Diet Plan


Dieters are raving about this new plan that breaks weight loss down into easy to follow steps.

This 4 step program is designed to help participants lose weight in a healthy, sustainable manner, and in just 17 days at a time. Developed by Dr. Mike Moreno, the 17 Day Diet is featured today on The Doctors. The incremental plan enables dieters to see early results and eliminate both boredom and plateaus. Once the weight is lost, participants are eased into a great maintenance program to keep the weight off.

17 day diet
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The first part of the plan is known as Accelerate. For the first 17 days, dieters cleanse their bodies to remove unneeded sugars in the foods they eat. During this time, fat is being burned rather than stored, boosting weight loss. Some dieters can lose up to 15 pounds in this first cycle. Foods include Greek yogurt, eggs, fish, chicken, green tea, fresh vegetables and fruit.

Next, dieters enter the next 17 day cycle where they Activate their metabolism. They change their caloric consumption and stimulate fat burn. During the Activate portion, dieters add in lean meats, natural starches and starchy vegetables, shellfish and legumes during this cycle.

Achieve is the final diet portion of the program. In this last 17 day stretch, dieters develop healthy eating habits and every food group is represented. The plan emphasizes non-starchy vegetables and lean proteins, and the amount of exercise is increased. Foods like poultry and high fiber pastas are added, and one alcoholic drink per day is allowed.

Finally, participants develop an eating plan for life to help maintain their weight loss. The last cycle, Arrive, encourages dieters to eat healthy throughout the week. The exciting part is that from Friday night until Sunday night, dieters can enjoy their favorite foods and meals, though they still need to exercise moderation.