Beauty Buzz: Aesthetic Trends for December 21, 2010


Get the latest research on fat and your health today on American Health and Beauty. New studies are finding out more about the benefits and risks of different kinds of fat, and how chemicals in our environment may affect our bodies' ability to regulate how we process food. Also, some quick 5 minute beauty fixes that will get you back to your life fast.

What Is a Stem Cell Facelift?
Already approved in Europe, new technology takes fat grafting to a new level by turbo-charging stem and regenerative cells for maximum effectiveness. PureGraft, comparable technology that is available in the US could deliver a better fat graft that lasts longer than a traditional fat transfer.

Stem cells are all the rage in the aesthetic industry and while many physicians provide fat transfers very few actually have the technology to purify the fat, isolating stem and regenerative cells. One of these physicians, who practices in ... more

Freeze Fat Away with Zeltiq
The latest option for patients looking to reduce a spot of fat doesn't require any surgery or needles. People everywhere are freezing their fat with Zeltiq.

Spot fat reduction is a concern for many women and men. Surgery is also a concern however, and many will trade the more dramatic results of cosmetic surgery for a non-surgical liposuction... more

Surgical and Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Options
Hair loss is a common problem. Don't be embarrassed anymore with these treatment options.

As much as 25% of men are balding by age 30 and 65% are bald by age 60 according to The Doctors. Causes vary from genetics to hormonal changes, or even stress. Every hair loss patient has an option for treatment depending on the causes of hair loss an... more

Age Spots - Causes and Treatment Options
Whether you prefer lasers or topical ointments, there are several treatments available for sun damaged skin.

As we age, skin discoloration is a common problem. Age spots can be seen mostly on areas with a lot of sun exposure such as the face, chest and neck. They are one of the most well recognized features of aging skin, and those who want to look younger often tu... more


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