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Tickle Lipo: A New Liposuction Procedure With Shorter Downtime


One of the newest devices to hit the market, Tickle Lipo, actually tickles patients during the procedure due to a vibrating cannula but will it really remove your belly fat?

The newest form of liposuction, Tickle Lipo offers patients a faster procedure with better results, according to physicians who are performing the procedure. After receiving extensive media coverage, including a recent feature segment on national television show The Doctors, it is one of the most talked-about and researched liposuction procedures in the US right now.

Tickle Lipo Before After Photos
Actual Tickle Lipo Results of Dr. Tim Zelko
Post Treatment: 3 Weeks

Physicians across the nation, from Dr. Rene L. Alavrez, in Homer, Alaska to Dr. Fred Aguilar in Houston, Texas, are offering Tickle Lipo in their offices. As the name suggests, Tickle Lipo is named as such due to tickling sensation that many patients report feeling during the procedure. The tickling sensation is created by a special vibrating cannula which tricks the nerves into thinking there is no pain. Patients are often surprised by how comfortable they are during and after the procedures.

Those who have undergone the Tickle Lipo procedure, Houston based plastic surgeon, Dr. Aguilar says, "Post operative pain is nearly non-existent. Patient compliance and happiness after the surgery is really high."

Unlike many other liposuction devices that may use heat or ultrasound, which may cause swelling and inflammation, thus creating longer recovery times, the cannula in Tickle Lipo remains cool. Due to this additional benefit, Tickle Lipo may be used to safely and more effectively remove deeper and superficial fat to deliver "high-definition" sculpting. "I am seeing a better reduction of total fat," says Dr. Aguilar about performing Tickle Lipo.

Many patients have reported that recovery is faster with the Tickle Lipo and they have returned to work within a day or two of downtime.