Beauty Buzz: Aesthetic Trends for December 15, 2010


The winner of the Biggest Loser weight loss competition was announced last night. Patrick House took the prize after losing 181 lbs. Also today on American Health and Beauty, some questions you should ask your cosmetic surgeon before becoming a patient and tips for preventing a workout injury.

Combat Female Hair Loss With Minimally Invasive Treatment
New treatments on the market area available to treat female pattern hair loss.

As seen on The Doctors, women who suffer from hair loss now have options to help hair from falling out and encourage re-growth. Dr. Peter Goldman, of Goldman-Dubow Dermatology in Los Angeles, CA appeared on the show to discuss treatments for Female {!H... more

Real Housewives of Atlanta Use Zerona Non-Surgical Fat Reduction
Get rid of belly fat with this surgery free liposuction alternative.

It's no secret that many of the Real Housewives turn to their plastic surgeon for a little work now and then, and the ladies of Atlanta are no exception. Earlier this season, ... more

What to Do About Bra and Underarm Fat
The unsightly bulge next to your armpit can be embarrassing. Get rid of it with a visit to your cosmetic surgeon.

Armpit fat is often the embarrassing downfall of a strapless top. When you have on a cute sleeveless dress or a strapless shirt, the roll of fat just above your armpit can kill an otherwise sexy outfit. Often, the fat is very resistant to diet and exercise a... more

4 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain
Avoiding overindulgence is the key to enjoying the holidays without putting on extra weight.

The parties, buffets, and treats you'll find everywhere this holiday season sure are delicious, but your waistline will thank you for passing. When Dr. Oz visited with Good Morning America today, he revealed that half of all Americans put on 2 lbs during... more


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