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Dental Braces Come in More Options


There are many choices available for adults with shifting teeth who want to straighten their smiles discreetly.

It's normal to experience some shifting of teeth with age. It can be especially frustrating for those who had braces as a kid, and now their teeth are becoming crooked again. As The Doctors discuss today, there are several options available to adults to help get their teeth back to straight without resorting to the old metal braces of their youth.

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Invisalign braces are an inconspicuous option that works by creating a hard plastic mold that fits over the teeth and are worn daily. The Invisalign "braces" are only removed when you are eating, brushing your teeth, or drinking beverages. Also known as fabricated aligners, Invisalign molds are formulated by computer model to fit your teeth, and to apply the correct amount of pressure to move teeth into the proper position within the mouth. When your teeth begin to rest comfortably in the retainer provided, a new one is molded to continue altering the positioning of the teeth, until gradually the proper alignment is achieved.

Another option is ceramic braces which work just like metal braces, but aren't as noticeable. Rather than placing an obvious metal brace on the teeth, the orthodontist places a ceramic one which blends in with the color of the teeth, making the braces much less noticeable. They are less likely to stain your teeth than the traditional method, which is a plus, but they are also much more expensive.

Finally, one of the newest options are lingual braces. They're placed behind the teeth so they're still your little secret and are virtually invisible to others. They are a bit more costly than traditional braces and do take a little more time to get used to. Some people report having some irritation on their tongue, but this should clear up within a couple of weeks.

Whichever method you choose to straighten your teeth, there are many options available to help you get back a more beautiful smile Talk to your orthodontist about the benefits and costs of each option to pick the best option for your teeth.