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Should Breast Implants Be Placed Under or Over the Muscle?


There are four pockets where breast implants can be located! Which is best for your build and lifestyle?

When it comes to Breast Augmentation there are more decisions to be made besides "Silicone or Saline?" There are several considerations that determine which breast implant placement may look best for you, and in some women several options may lead to desirable outcomes.

breast implant placement
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Placement Options for Breast Implants

  1. Subglandular - the implant will lie directly under the breast tissue.
  2. Sub-Muscular or Subpectoral - the implant is completely behind the muscle. Submuscular breast implant placement is one of the most popular methods because their is a lower incidence of capsular contracture and a more natural breast contour. Physicians also report that it is easier to interpret mammograms and interferes less with the ability to breast feed.
  3. Sub-Fascial - the implant is placed above the muscle but under the sheet of connective breast tissue.
  4. Dual-Plane - the implant sits under the muscle but the bottom of the implant is within the breast tissue. Many surgeons suggest this is a fancy marketing term for the typical "sub-muscular" implant placement stating that the implant never sits fully behind the muscle.

Ann Arbor Michigan breast implant surgeon, Dr. Robert Burke says, "I prefer dual plane implant placement. This offers the ability to adjust the amount of muscular coverage to fit the particular patients anatomy. Many women have commented on the natural results." Dr. Burke also stresses the importance of patient participation in the decision making and implant size and style selection. "With younger patients, the high profile implants are the most popular. These offer the advantage of increased projection with less implant width required. In the Mommy Makeover age group, this style is also popular although many choose the moderate plus profile with slightly less projection."