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Sagging Skin Meets Facial Fillers For A More Youthful Look


Strategic use of facial fillers may restore a more youthful look by increasing volume and lift to sagging skin.

It is commonly thought that as we age, the effects of gravity begin to take it's toll on our bodies. While this may be true for other areas of the body, what ages our face may not be gravity-induced. Many doctors are now saying evidence suggests that gravity's role in aging has been exaggerated and the real culprit to the downward movement of facial skin is loss of volume beneath the skin.

Upland Facial Fillers Restore Volume
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''People assume that the face falls because when you pull back on the cheeks everything looks better,'' says board certified dermatologist, Dr. Sandra Lee. ''If you look closely you can see that different points on the face really don't move that much. It's really all about facial volume restoration.''

Dr. Lee says a combination of specialized facial fillers, such as Sculptra, Radiesse, Juvederm, and Restylane can create volume and lift. By strategically injecting facial sites, you can restore the appearance of a youthful visage.

By comparing photographs of people taken at different points in their lives, Dr. Lee compares older photos and recent photos to track the movement of prominent facial features. By lining up the photos and comparing the movement of moles, wrinkles and other facial landmarks, Dr. Lee noticed that very few features shifted over time. What did change as people aged? Brows fell slightly, thinning in the upper lips, jowls became more prominent by expansion rather than dropping. Otherwise, every feature remained the same.

The real reason why people look older is due to deflation. ''It's the loss of underlying fat and volume,'' says Dr. Lee. "As we age, the volume in our faces slowly diminishes eventually leading to a "hollowed out" look in the cheek areas, around the eyes and the mid-face. A full facial contour with good volume is one of the characteristics of a youthful look."

When restoring facial volume, it is very important to custom tailor the facial restoration to the individual. As Denver area cosmetic doctor, Dr. Tahl Humes says, "We look at their face, look at where they're deficient. So they may come out and they may be talking about their nasolabial folds, and that's what bothers them. It actually turns out that they're really flat through the cheeks and mid face and that's what's making the nasolabial fold."
Sculptra Radiesse results
Actual Results of Dr. Tahl Humes with Radiesse and Sculptra

When addressing volume decrease or deflation in a patient, Dr. Humes looks at the entire face to properly diagnose treatment. When the mid-face and cheek area require volume, Dr. Humes typically uses a combination of Radiesse and Sculptra to provide the best results possible.

Often, by addressing facial volume deficiency, skin appearance will improve as well. Similar to a balloon which has lost air after it's been blown up, skin on a face will wrinkle and sag when it loses volume. However, if you blow the balloon up again or in the case of the face, restore the volume, skin is smoothed out again, thus regaining the appearance of youth.