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Pearl Fusion: Deep Wrinkle and Sun Damage Treatment


Refresh and resurface your skin with the combination of Pearl and Pearl Fractional laser treatments.

There are several signs of aging, including a loss of volume, sagging skin, wrinkles and sun damage. Currently, there is no single treatment for all of them so many physicians turn to combination therapies. Fillers are great for correcting the loss of volume but don't treat sun damage. For that, you need resurfacing. Pearl Fusion treatments offer a combination of the Pearl and Pearl Fractional lasers for treating both surface problems and deeper wrinkles.

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"When I'm doing a consult, I'll ask the patient, 'So what bothers you? What do you see when you look in the mirror?'," says Denver pearl laser provider Dr. Tahl Humes. "When they start describing what they're seeing, they are a perfect candidate for Pearl or Pearl Fractional. When you combine them, we call it Pearl Fusion." These treatments are great for patients who have sun damage, wrinkles around their eyes, crepey skin and for those with deeper wrinkles, the Fusion is the better choice.

Dr. Humes says that following the procedure, it should take about 5-10 days for the skin to heal up, depending on if you do the Pearl, Pearl Fractional or the Fusion. "The Pearl laser is the one that actually resurfaces the entire top layer of the skin. It's going to help with browns, pore size, texture, fine lines and wrinkles. It's going to then heat the superficial dermis and stimulate some collagen. That's going to be great for anybody who's young and just wants their skin to look better, or even somebody who's a little bit older and has sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles. When the patient starts to get deeper wrinkles especially around the eyes and mouth or the crepeyness through the cheeks, that's when I like to add in the Pearl Fractional and do Pearl Fusion."

The price of treatment with lasers alone will cost around $1000-$3000, depending on which treatment you opt for. If you have fillers done as well, then it can cost up to around $5000. Some patients choose this treatment over having a face lift for the cost savings and to keep from going through the recovery. If you're concerned about discoloration and aging, ask your physician about fractional resurfacing and Pearl Fusion.