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Dermal Fillers Offer Non-Surgical Wrinkle Treatment


Simple injectables may be all you need to see the results you want without lasers or surgery.

While fractional resurfacing and skin tightening can go a long way towards reducing the appearance of age spots and wrinkles, many physicians and patients like to use facial fillers for deep lines or general volume enhancement. There are several different fillers available on the market so the question often asked is "which is the best?" If you ask different doctors they'll likely give you different answers but really it's about the patient's individual needs and desired outcomes.

"Our go to filler has always been, and still is, Juvederm," says Dr. Tahl Humes, owner and Medical Director of VITAHL Medical Aesthetics which offers surgical procedures as well as Juvederm in Denver, CO. "Back in the day before Juvederm was around, we did use a lot of Restylane." Dr. Humes says that while Restylane is still a good product and she continues to use it on occasion, she finds that her patients have less swelling and less bruising with Juvederm.

juvederm results
Actual Results of Dr. Tahl Humes with Juvederm

Dr. Humes points out that as a physician, she is better able to look at the patient's whole face and consider imperfections in areas that patients may not see on their own. This trained eye for detail enables her to recommend a better course of treatment than the patient may have considered before their consultation. "We look at their face, look at where they're deficient. So they may come out and they may be talking about their nasolabial folds, and that's what bothers them. It actually turns out that they're really flat through the cheeks and mid face and that's what's making the nasolabial fold."
Sculptra Radiesse results
Actual Results of Dr. Tahl Humes with Radiesse and Sculptra

It's common with aging to see a volume decrease in the cheeks due to either facial fat loss or reabsorption of bone, often causing a hollowed appearance in the cheeks. When the mid-face and cheek area needs to be built back up, Dr. Humes likes to use Radiesse or Sculptra. Both of these fillers are useful for filling out these larger areas of the face rather than a specific line or wrinkle. Combining these treatments is often the key to getting the most out of fillers and providing patients with the best results possible.

For patients who want the most natural results and want to keep the work they've had done their little secret, Dr. Humes says she recommends using Sculptra which offers a slower improvement rather than a rapid, obvious change. "A series of Sculptra is going to be a series of three treatments spaced over three months, and with that series, you're going to slowly stimulate collagen and maybe you're friends aren't going to notice," says Dr. Humes.
radiesse sculptra juvederm results
Actual Combination Results of Dr. Tahl Humes with Radiesse, Sculptra and Juvederm

With all the available filler options, there is a solution for nearly every patient. Doctors have more tools now than ever with fillers alone. It is important to bear in mind that none of the fillers are permanent, but some last for as long as 2 years. Talk to your doctor and see if you can stay away from surgery and laser treatments to get the results you want with fillers.