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Banana Roll Solution - Liposuction to Remove Buttock Fat


Removing a small spot of fat such as the rolls under the creases of the buttocks is possible with current lipo procedures.

The roll of fat just below the crease of the buttocks is known as the banana roll, and many women who have it want to be rid of it. There's now a new liposuction procedure to help get rid of that spot of resistant fat so that patients can be banana roll free.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn explains the procedure today on The Doctors. He says that this condition is typically genetic and for many, there is no amount of exercise that will be able to get rid of that particular area of fat. It's a fairly simple procedure that is shown where the physician makes an incision in the crease of the buttocks and makes sure to remove an even amount of fat to avoid any bumps or lumps in the area.

before and after banana roll
Image courtesy of thedoctorstv.com

After the fat is removed, stitches are placed at the incision site and the patient is all done. Healing takes about the same time as other lipo procedures and the patient can be back on her feet in no time.

This procedure differs from a butt lift or augmentation that seeks to add volume to the buttocks for a fuller, more sculpted look. Stars like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez have all added to the curvaceous craze. With natural fat transfer, patients can even have their own natural fat removed and then injected back into the buttocks, avoiding the use of artificial implants.