Beauty Buzz: Aesthetic Trends for October 21, 2010


Today marks the opening of this year's meeting of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery and we'll tell you about some of the hot topics up for discussion. Also, information about a new procedure that gets rid of the fat roll beneath the buttocks and a treatment called Microskin for patients with severe skin troubles like rosacea, port wine stains and vitiligo.

8 Diet Danger Zones
Identifying the situations and places that push you off track from your diet can help you to prepare so that you can better handle those situations in the future.

"The best defense is a good offense." Anyone who has ever played a sport has probably heard this saying a gazillion times. The basic idea is that if you want to win at anything, you need a game plan. As in sports, dieting requires a plan too. Make sure you ar... more

Lose Body Fat by Freezing Fat Away with Zeltiq
Reducing specific areas of fat is much easier with Zeltiq, the device that freezes your fat away.

Zeltiq is a non surgical lipo alternative that can help you literally freeze away your fat so that you can potentially lose as much as an inch or two from a targeted area. As Dr. Oz d... more

Get Rid of Armpit Fat with Liposuction
Lipo can remove that embarrassing bulge between your bra and underarm.

You don't often hear women complain about underarm fat but those that have it hate it. It's that bit of fat between your bra and armpit that always shows up clear as day on photos. This fat tends to be exercise and diet resistant meaning that there... more

Thermage CPT Skin Tightening: A Non-Surgical Face Lift
Patients can enjoy results similar to a facelift without worrying about the risks and downtime of surgery with skin tightening from Thermage CPT.

When wrinkles become an issue, many women want to see an improvement but want to avoid going under the knife for a surgical procedure. Thermage CPT offers patients a skin tightening option that can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and tighte... more

Artificial Sweeteners - Friend or Foe?
If you're turning to artificial sweeteners as part of your weight loss plan, you should be aware that it can actually lead to weight gain.

Artificial sweeteners are purchased with the best of intentions. People who want to lose weight but are having a hard time getting over their desire for something sweet turn to these for a sweet fix without the calories. Unfortunately, research indicates tha... more


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  2. 8 Diet Danger Zones
  3. Lose Body Fat by Freezing Fat Away with Zeltiq
  4. Get Rid of Armpit Fat with Liposuction
  5. Thermage CPT Skin Tightening: A Non-Surgical Face Lift


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