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Breast Implant Alternative: Using Fat Grafting For Breast Surgery


Technological advances in fat grafting can use the patient's own fat to naturally enhance the breasts.

PureGraft Natural Breast Augmentation Dr. Steven Cohen
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The latest in breast augmentation involves using stem and regenerative cells derived from the patient's own fat. By using the patient's fat as a filler in cosmetic surgeries such as breast augmentation or breast reconstruction, it could prove to be a safer and healthier option to using a foreign implant. Studies have also shown that using stem and regenerative cells from fat has great potential for other aesthetic plastic surgery such as facial rejuvenation and body contouring.

The new dialysis/filtration technology, PureGraft by Cytori, allows physicians to clean and process fat that has carefully undergone specialized liposuction such as {!Body-Jet} or Tickle Lipo to preserve the stem and regenerative cells. The PureGraft technology separates out everything except for pure fat, where stem and regenerative cells are most prevalent.

Dr. Steven Cohen, a plastic surgeon and director of FACESplus in La Jolla, CA. "This is really the first company to come out with new technology that harvests the fat and protects the cells because of the value of re-injecting them. The PureGraft specifically is like a lipo-dialysis unit, so you're putting fat into a bag that filters the fat and produces fat without the fatty acids."

In 2003, Dr. Steven Cohen was one of the first surgeons in the world to use this technology for natural breast augmentation. As one of the early pioneers to use the PureGraft technology to create a sustainable filler from the patients' own body fat, Dr. Cohen states, "Fat is considered to be a desirable reconstructive and aesthetic filler by physicians worldwide but in some cases the fat cells aren't able to thrive in a new environment." The PureGraft technology increases the viability of fat cells by harvesting stem and regenerative cells, which ensures an optimal fat graft

Furthermore, the option of using stem and regenerative cell-enhanced fat for a natural breast enhancement allows for patients who were previously unable to get a traditional breast augmentation to explore their options. Dr. Cohen says, "Cell-enhanced fat is potentially an option for patients who may have adverse reactions to implants, such as capsular contraction."

Another way the fat can be used is to combine it with breast implants. Dr. Cohen states, "The approach can also help smooth and shape the breast in conjunction with the use of implants. When fat or fat with stem and regenerative cells is used correctly, it can give a better, more natural shape than an implant alone."