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Lose Belly Fat in Just 30 Minutes


Don't wait for non-surgical results to become apparent. Combination therapies using laser lipo and skin tightening technologies can help get rid of a bulging belly, and fast.

In addition to skin and wrinkle therapies, there are now non-surgical lipo procedures such as Zeltiq and Zerona which can help reduce spot fat deposits. However, while these have been proven effective for small fat deposits, those looking for a more dramatic result should likely turn to either liposuction or a minimally invasive procedure like SmartLipo

Dr. Thomas Barnes, an Orange County cosmetic surgeon uses SmartLipo in combination with Refirme a skin tightening device that uses radio frequency to stimulate collagen growth. "It's much faster than any of its predecessors, allowing me to do face or body fat contouring in about 30 minutes and adding Refirme skin tightening causes additional skin firming beyond the tightening due to SmartLipo. Together they are less invasive, result in minimal downtime, and result in immediate contouring and skin tightening," says Dr. Barnes.

super smart lipo in california
Actual results of Dr. Thomas Barnes Super SmartLipo in Less Than 1 Hour

Why wait 2 weeks hoping your results are what you'd imagined when you can have the tummy shrink lift and return to work as early as the next day? Talk to your cosmetic surgeon about SmartLipo and be clear about the results you want so that the two of you can come up with a plan.