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Temporary Tattoos from Beyonce Avoid Laser Tattoo Removal


Give your tattoo a test drive before you commit.

beyonce tattoo
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If you're looking to be a little daring but don't want to go for a permanent tattoo, check out the new temporary tattoos from Beyonce's Dereon fashion line. These stylish, edgy tats cost $16 for the 8 tattoo basic kit and they last 2-5 days. This is a much simpler, and less painful solution to getting that rocker chic look without enduring the pain, and possible future of regret that often accompanies real tattoos.

Luckily, for those who do take the plunge and then regret it later, laser tattoo removal machines are better than ever. Lasers break up the ink so the tattoo is faded, and in some cases, almost imperceptible. Several sessions are needed and certain colors are more easy to remove than others. Treatment can be uncomfortable, but patients typically find the pain is managed with topical anesthetics.

Before you make the tattoo plunge, test out some fakes for a while. They are cheap, wipe off with soap and water, and are pain free.