Erase Stretch Marks And Tighten Skin With A Tummy Tuck Alternative


By combining the two non-invasive procedures, Thermage and Fraxel, you can tighten your tummy and remove stretch marks.

As most moms know, it can be a struggle to lose the baby weight, and then when you do, you might still have some loose skin on your stomach. After you've put in the hard work and exercise and found that you still need some more improvement to get back your pre-baby body, it may be time to talk to your aesthetic physician about cosmetic options that can tighten up the skin and get you back to your busy schedule right away. While Thermage tightens the loose skin and reduces girth, Fraxel erases and shrinks unsightly stretch marks commonly found after giving birth.

thermage before and after photos
Results of Dr. Bill Johnson 6 Months Post Procedure

Thermage uses radio frequency (RF) energy to stimulate collagen growth to tighten the skin. Dr. Bill Johnson, who offers Thermage in Dallas, TX at Innovations MedSpa, recently discussed Thermage on The Doctors, and spoke about how over time, new collagen grows and adds better structure to the loose skin so that it appears smooth and tight once again. The treatment is quick and patients report few complications and little discomfort, especially with the company's latest version of the device, the Thermage CPT which features a vibrating hand piece for increased patient comfort.

Using a new wavelength and Thulium laser, the new Fraxel re:store Dual Laser System is set to take fractional resurfacing to a new level. The laser is able to not only restore the skin on the face, but on large portions of the body as well. Fraxel brand fractional laser systems treat only a fraction of skin at a time, leaving the surrounding area intact for fast healing, as opposed to traditional laser treatments which are more aggressive.

By combining Thermage and Fraxel, women can have visible improvements in the skin with little or no downtime. The procedures are nearly painless, fast and require no anesthesia. For patients that are afraid of surgery or cannot afford it, the combination of Thermage and Fraxel can improve their appearance at a fraction of the cost of traditional surgery.