Latest Must-Have Procedures: Miami Thong Lift and Brazilian Tummy Tuck


Get a perky derriere and more defined waistline with these new cosmetic procedures.

Miami Thong Lift Brazilian Tummy Tuck
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Forget about the must-have bag, as seen on the news across the nation and overseas in the UK, these two cosmetic procedures are being lauded as the next must-haves: the Miami Thong Lift and the Brazilian Tummy Tuck. These two new body contouring procedures were recently presented at a conference of leading plastic surgeons in the UK.

Pioneer of the Miami Thong Lift, Miami-based plastic surgeon Dr. Constantino Mendieta says the next big thing in cosmetic enhancement won't be breast augmentation but will be focused on the buttocks. Unlike the traditional buttock augmentation procedure which relied on implants, Dr. Mendieta's Miami Thong Lift shapes the rear by using body fat. The namesake of the procedure comes from where the scar is located: between the buttocks, to be hidden when the patient wearing a thong.

A more defined and flatter stomach is now available with the Brazilian Tummy Tuck. A combination of the traditional abdominal surgery and the tummy tuck, the Brazilian Tummy Tuck offers patients a more defined waistline and better contouring. One of the developers of the technique, Professor Ricardo Ribeiro, says the procedure has less risk associated with it than a traditional tummy tuck. A major surgical procedure, tummy tucks remove excess skin and fat from the middle and lower abdomen to dramatically reduce a protruding belly.

Regardless of popularity, it is important to consult with your physician to see if these procedures are right for you.

After which, by all means, ring in the year of the derriere!