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The Myself Trainer - Workouts for the Kegel Muscles


This unique device lets women know if they're doing exercises correctly and helps to provide resistance for more intense personal exercise.

For many women, it takes some time after childbirth to feel ready for intimacy again. Then once they are ready they discover things just aren't quite what they used to be down there. A weakened pelvic floor is the common problem and it can be improved through regular pelvic floor exercises, also known as Kegel exercises. While many are familiar with the term, not everyone knows how to perform them properly.

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Kegel exercises are often done incorrectly and therefore patients aren't able to enjoy their full benefits. Therefore, Jarden Consumer Solutions has developed the Myself Trainer. Featured today on The Doctors, this device helps women restore the muscle tone they need to prevent incontinence and increase their sexual pleasure.

"The Myself(R) Trainer is easy to use and has been clinically shown to be a safe and effective treatment to reduce bladder leaks and accidents. Other treatments for urge incontinence, such as medication, carry the potential for dry mouth, constipation and other possible effects," said Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, a board-certified obstetrician/gynecologist in private practice in New Haven, CT.

One end of the Myself Trainer is inserted vaginally and then the user squeezes with the kegel muscles. A digital screen that's attached to the inserted sensor tells the user if they're doing the exercises right and can track progress. The trainer even offers guided workouts and can provide resistance for a more challenging workout.

The trainer is available without a prescription and can be purchased on the company's website www.themyselftrainer.com or by phone.