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Skin Care in Your 40s


Cellulite, age spots, wrinkles - they all hit you in your 40s. Find out about some great ways to have beautiful, glowing skin, even at middle age.

Skin care is a life long battle, one that is never really won so much as it is ongoing. The nature of the fight changes though from one decade to the next. In our teens we're concerned about acne, in our twenties we focus on staying out of the sun to prep for our 30's. In our 30's we fight wrinkles and by our 40s, that's when we begin to worry about collagen breakdown and depletion, and perhaps some age spots.

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As collagen begins to fail, there are a number of consequences. Cellulite is one of them because the skin's fibers aren't able to hold the fat cells uniformly. Combine the collagen issue with hormonal shifts that cause fat cells to grow larger, and you can see why most women have cellulite. Whether thin or fat, 90% of women have it and there isn't much to be done about it other than visiting an aesthetic physician. Treatments are available to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite such as Vaser Shape, Reaction by Viora and Velashape. These devices use differing modalities to stimulate the growth of collagen to better smooth the skin.

Dr. Oz recommends some other methods of improving your skin's appearance and making you look younger than your years. He says that having more sex can help bring a beautiful glow to your skin. Another is to get more sleep. He says that this is the time when your body repairs itself and getting plenty is important to help your skin, and your health in general.

Another suggestion from Dr. Oz to fight uneven skin tone is hydroquinone. Products are available over the counter with this chemical that slows the skin's pigment making process, evening skin tone and lightening brown areas. If skin tone is a concern, laser treatments like Thermage or fractional resurfacing with Fraxel may be a good solution. Speak to your dermatologist or aesthetic physician about the benefits of these and other resurfacing treatments to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as improve sun damage.

Consistent skin care for life is the best way to ensure beautiful, smooth, glowing skin, even beyond your 40's. Looking young is about more than just wrinkles though, it's about confidence. So stand tall and be proud of your age to show off how beautiful you really are.