How to Get Rid of a Bruise - At-Home Treatments and Techniques


Bruises can be embarrassing, so make them dissipate fast with these simple at-home remedies.

Following an injury, blood pools under the skin forming a bruise. The extent of the injury other health factors determine the severity of the bruise, and how long it will last. There are treatments you can do at home to help promote faster healing so that you can be rid of your black and blues quick.

how get rid of a bruise
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  • Elevation - Reducing blood flow to the bruise will keep the blood from pooling and reduce the severity of the bruise. As soon as possible, prop the injured area above the heart to decrease the blood flow.

  • Cold Compress - Cold helps to constrict the blood vessels, which will lessen the bleeding in the area. Apply the compress in cycles of 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off to avoid overcooling the skin.

  • Arnica - This homeopathic ointment is known to have a compound that reduces inflammation and swelling. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon of The Doctors says that he recommends it to his cosmetic surgery patients to decrease bruising.

  • Vinegar and Water - When placed on the skin, vinegar increases blood flow near the skin's surface which can help to break up the pooled blood. Mix with warm water for the best effect.

Don't let your bruises embarrass you or keep you from wearing the clothes you like. Use these tips to heal quickly and get back to normal.