Beauty Buzz: Aesthetic Trends for September 20, 2010


Today on American Health and Beauty - a new procedure fights the pain caused by wearing high heels and we look at the latest gadgets for health and fitness.

Lose Weight with Dr. Oz and the Just 10 Challenge
Dropping 10 lbs can help your health and get you on track for longterm fitness.

Dr. Mehmet Oz kicks off this week on The Dr. Oz Show with the Just 10 Challenge. He says that weight loss can seem impossible when there's so much to lose, but that by losing as few as 10 lbs, we can see significant improvement in several areas of... more

Cryolipolysis: Zeltiq Freezes Your Fat Away
Zeltiq uses targeted cold therapy to crystallize and kill fat cells while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed.

This weekend, physicians and aesthetic experts gathered in New York for the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery: The Next Generation symposium. Dr. Sydney Coleman of New York spoke about Zeltiq, a new method of non-surgical fat reduction.... more

How Much Does Zeltiq Cost?
This targeted cold therapy treatment removes fat cells without surgery at a fraction of the price of surgical procedures.

The Zeltiq procedure for non-invasive fat reduction uses cold therapy, in a process termed cryolipolysis, to permanently remove fat cells without surgery. The hand piece is placed on the area to be treated, such as the stomach or love handles, and two plat... more

How Much Does Zerona Cost?
Recently approved by the FDA, Zerona is the first non-invasive body contouring device proven to reduce fat. As it becomes readily available at providers offices nationwide, what can consumers expect when it comes to Zerona cost?

{!Locate a Zerona Provider| Zerona} With so many options in body contouring available, there are several factors that consumers take into consideration when choosing their fa... more

Zerona and Zeltiq on Good Morning America
Yesterday these two non-invasive fat reducing procedures were featured in the Wall Street Journal, today both Zeltiq and Zerona on GMA

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Lawrence Bass will be discussing the recently FDA approved fat devices Zerona and Zeltiq this morning on Good Morning America in what they described as "The Battle of the Bulge meets the Big Chill"... more

Get Rid of Belly Fat with Vaser Shape
Patients are falling in love with non-surgical spot fat reduction devices that offer inch loss without the pain and downtime of surgery.

Non-surgical spot fat reduction procedures are growing in popularity, and number. In the last few weeks, both Zerona and CoolSculpting with Zeltiq received FDA approval for fat reduction, and there are more devices on the horizon. UltraShape i... more


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