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Bikini Wax Pain Relief: BareEase and Cream


Block the pain of waxing and laser hair removal procedures with this wearable pre-procedure numbing kit.

bikini wax

Bikini waxes are painful and now there's a new alternative to manage the pain, before it happens. Dr. Edna Ma, a board-certified anesthesiologist at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica, CA, has developed a prep kit for painless bikini area hair removal procedures. Whether you're going in for laser hair removal or waxing, BareEase & Cream can help to make it a much more comfortable experience.

As shown on The Doctors today, the system includes a Lidocaine-based cream and additional ingredients including aloe and jojoba, which soothe and moisturize skin. Lidocaine is the most widely used anesthetic and is formulated at the maximum 4% concentration that can legally be sold over-the-counter. Also included is a latex panty that enables the medication to be absorbed, numbing the area when used 30-45 minutes prior to any procedure. Used together, the cream and panty can be worn under clothing. They are removed just prior to waxing or laser hair removal, and the numbing properties last for approximately 15-20 minutes once the cream is removed.

The BareEase & Cream kit is available in two sizes, S/M and M/L. It sells for $24.99 and is available online and at select spas and salons around the country.