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Body-Jet: A New Kind Of Liposuction


Water-assisted liposuction, Body-Jet, is the new wave of body contouring and is now available in San Jose and Palo Alto.

Dr. Daryl K. Hoffman, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Palo Alto, has added a new and innovative procedure to his practice: Body-Jet liposuction for San Jose and Silicon Valley women and men. As recently featured by American Health and Beauty, Dr. Hoffman can use Body-Jet to harvest fat for fat transfer procedures such as a Brazilian butt lift or natural breast augmentation.

Dr. Daryl Hoffman Body-Jet San Jose Palo Alto
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"I am excited about the addition of Body-Jet liposuction to my practice," states Dr. Hoffman. "This liposuction technique is innovative and effective, allowing me to remove fat with less trauma and increased patient comfort."

To improve their body shape, Dr. Hoffman offers various cosmetic surgery procedures for San Jose and Palo Alto women and men including abdominoplasty, liposuction, body contouring after weight loss, and fat transfer. Body-Jet is a helpful addition to his procedure menu.

"Many of my patients are looking for natural ways to enhance certain areas of the body, including the buttocks, face and breasts," notes Dr. Hoffman. "Much of the fat that gets removed from the body during a Body-Jet procedure is not ruptured; therefore, it can be harvested to use for fat transfer procedures."

Body-Jet liposuction works by spraying fluid into the targeted area in order to break up the fat for easier removal. This procedure does not damage or break up the actual fat cells. If these cells are to be used as part of a fat transfer procedure, they are purified and prepared for re-injection into areas such as the buttocks, breasts, forehead, chin, cheekbones and lips.

"I've found that this procedure is less invasive than other forms of liposuction, and tends to cause less trauma and damage to the surrounding tissue and skin. Because the cells stay intact, it enables procedures such as buttock enhancement and natural breast augmentation. Natural enlargement using the patient's own fat tissue is popular for women who are considering breast augmentation in San Jose but would rather not have implants," states Dr. Hoffman.

Fat transfer with Body-Jet liposuction has the added benefit of longevity over injectable fillers, which need to be repeated every few months to maintain results. Transferred fat can survive for many years in its new location.

"In addition to the Body-Jet technique, I also perform Smartlipo. These are both excellent treatments for reducing fat in difficult areas, such as the bra line," says Dr. Hoffman. "So many women come to my office wanting to remove bra rolls in the mid-back area, and I am able to shape and slim the back successfully with these procedures. Body-Jet is a multipurpose treatment that is delivering satisfying results for a wide range of my patients."

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