Beauty Buzz: Aesthetic Trends for September 3, 2010


As always, we deliver Friday Fact or Fiction where we talk about the splurge and burn method of weight maintenance. Also, we'll let you in on which exercises are best for maintaining the strength and health to accomplish every day tasks. Keep up with American Health and Beauty for all this and more today on the number one spot for beauty and fitness news!

A New Option for Weight Loss - "The Carb Lovers Diet"
Lose weight and still eat what you love with the new diet that relies on resistant starch to help you drop pounds and enjoy it.

It's been about 10 years now that America has been in the grips of the low carb craze. We've been told over and over again that we have to cut our c... more

SkinTyte - Infrared Light Tightens and Firms Skin
Patients are able to avoid the discomfort and downtime of surgery with SkinTyte from Sciton.

As we age, our collagen fibers stretch and lose strength, causing skin to sag and become loose. To repair this problem without surgery new skin tightening devices have been developed to promote collagen regeneration and stimulation. One of the latest tech... more

Medical Lasers Now Treat Acne Patients
At-home and in-office, lasers are being used to help patients get the clear skin they want.

Lasers are now used medically for resurfacing the skin and in liposuction procedures. Now, patients who suffer from chronic acne troubles can breath easier thanks to lasers available for acne treatment both in their dermatolo... more

Just Say No to Armpit Fat
A simple procedure in your doctor's office can take care of embarrassing armpit fat.

Armpit fat can be the death of a cute outfit. When you have on a hot sleeveless dress or a strapless top, the little roll of fat next to your bra strap c... more