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SkinTyte - Infrared Light Tightens and Firms Skin


Patients are able to avoid the discomfort and downtime of surgery with SkinTyte from Sciton.

As we age, our collagen fibers stretch and lose strength, causing skin to sag and become loose. To repair this problem without surgery new skin tightening devices have been developed to promote collagen regeneration and stimulation. One of the latest technologies is SkinTyte from Sciton. This device was recently featured on The Doctors and patients are enjoying not only their results, but the ease of treatment as well.

Dr. Marie DiLauro, medical director of Reflections in Colombus, OH, uses the SkinTyte and prefers it over some of the other devices currently available. "The main difference between SkinTyte and many other skin tightening devices is that the SkinTyte treatment does not hurt. It uses broadband light energy to tighten the skin. The treatments are comfortable and there is no down time. Some other devices used for skin tightening tend to cause some degree of pain and discomfort because they use radio frequency," she says.

skin tightening on the doctors
Actual SkinTyte results of Dr. Marie DiLauro

Dermatologist Dr. Patrick Bitter of Los Gatos, CA, describes how the device works and says that the infrared light heats the skin more quickly than other radio frequency powered technology. He says that the treatment is effective and fast, making it a real option for patients seeking to avoid surgery. "The low treatment discomfort and absolutely no downtime after treatments brings non-surgical skin tightening into the realm of being a practical treatment option for the majority of people considering an option to surgery."

Dr. Bitter says that around 85% of his patients are satisfied with their results. "Patients undergo 1-5 treatment sessions performed at one to three week intervals. Results typically observed are a visible tightening and firming of jowl, cheek and neck skin and a noticeable overall smoothing of the skin. An unexpected result has been a very noticeable lessening of fine wrinkles and crepeyness of neck skin. Deeper wrinkles on the upper lip and around the eyes have also lessened to a greater degree than expected especially with the most recent development of newer parameters and techniques. Visible firming and high patient satisfaction has also been observed in virtually all areas treated including abdomen, chest, posterior arms, back of hands and inner thighs."

Patients of all ages and skin types can be treated with the SkinTyte device. Dr. DiLauro says, "The ideal patient for a SkinTyte treatment is anyone who would like to rejuvenate the skin on their face or body by stimulating new collagen production. This new collagen production creates firmer skin, improves texture, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles." Results are apparent right away, and continue to improve for as much as 6 months following the final treatment.
skin tite on the doctors
Actual SkinTyte results of Dr. Marie DiLauro