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Just Say No to Armpit Fat


A simple procedure in your doctor's office can take care of embarrassing armpit fat.

armpit fat on the doctors

Armpit fat can be the death of a cute outfit. When you have on a hot sleeveless dress or a strapless top, the little roll of fat next to your bra strap can be embarrassing. Today on The Doctors, Dr. Drew Ordon talks about what he calls "corset overspill" and how the your cosmetic surgeon can help you wave goodbye to armpit fat.

Dr. Ordon recommends liposuction to remove the small pocket of fat in the underarm area. He demonstrates a method of syringe liposuction where he simply inserts the syringe under the skin and suctions out the fat. Recovery time is usually very short, almost none in fact, and patients only need to wear compression garments for a couple of weeks to ensure proper healing.

Another possible solution is Vaser lipo. Ultrasonic waves break up the fat prior to removal, making removal more like a hot knife through butter than traditional methods. After the fat is separated from the surrounding tissues, a cannula is inserted to suction out the loosened fat.

Some physicians might also recommend using laser lipo. Technologies like SmartLipo and ProLipo use targeted laser energy to melt fat and then a cannula is used to aspirate the liquefied tissue. These procedures can often be performed with only local anesthetic right in the doctor's office rather than needing a separate trip to a surgery center.

Don't worry about your corset overspill anymore. Talk to your doctor to learn about what option is best for you!