Bison: A Leaner, Meaner Burger


A new addition to the menu, bison maintains taste and is a leaner and less fatty option to beef burgers!

Bison Burger
Model Photo

It's that time - the work day is grinding down and you're thinking about dinner. You have the usual suspects: beef, chicken, pork, fish... but there's a new option out there and it's available at your local supermarket. No longer an endangered species or something out of your history books, bison is a healthier option and tastes just like a burger, without the grease.

A 3 oz. patty of bison is 70 calories less than beef burger (which is typically 70% lean beef) and will have 50% less fat. In comparison to boneless, skinless chicken, the bison patty is 50 calories less and about the same amount of fat.

Similar to beef, grass-fed varieties are better since they have more heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Bison meat is a deeper red and has less marbling, which affects it's cooking time. Lesser marbling means bison meat cooks more rapidly but otherwise, prepare as you would with beef patties.

So go ahead, now you can have your burger... and eat it too!