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Wave Goodbye to Turkey Neck with Laser Lipo

Get rid of turkey neck with this simple, minimally invasive alternative to a neck lift.

One of the telltale signs of aging is the sagging skin of the neck and chin area often referred to as turkey neck. Over the years gravity takes a toll and the fat loses it's connection to the bones of the chin and begins to fall, which has a droopy, unattractive effect. As board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kenneth Rothaus discussed on The Dr. Oz Show, thanks to advancements in the use of lasers in medicine, patients now have the option of a minimally invasive surgical procedure that can help them get back to work and their social life right away.

Actual Photos of Shrink Neck Lift by Dr. Thomas Barnes
Dr. Thomas Barnes' Neck ShrinkLift

Laser lipo technology has done wonders for the aesthetic industry. These use specific wavelengths of light to melt fat before it is removed, and also to stimulate collagen growth for improved skin tightening - precisely what's needed in the neck area! With technologies like the SmartLipo and SlimLipo devices making fat removal easier, patients all over the world are beginning to ask for this new method to sculpt the body that avoids the general anesthesia and extensive recovery often required of traditional liposuction.

“Going under the knife is not the first choice any more," according to Dr. Thomas Barnes, a cosmetic surgeon in Orange County, CA. "Due to technological breakthroughs, there are so many options to help people take years off their appearance without undergoing large surgeries. And the best part is we can perform these procedures that yield dramatic results without the risks of anesthesia."

Dr. Barnes has his own approach to tightening an aging, sagging, full neck or chin which he calls the "Neck ShrinkLift." In only 30 minutes and with virtually no downtime, this minimally invasive procedure takes years off patients' appearance. He first numbs the area and then goes under the skin with the laser fiber through a tiny incision, and melts the fat which is then removed. Patients are able to get back to regular activities with minimal soreness, though some bruising and swelling is to be expected. There's a noticeable improvement right away and final results are seen in a few weeks.