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4 Inexpensive At-Home Beauty Remedies


From cellulite to a puffy face, these remedies are the trifecta of beauty - cheap, quick, and at home!

If you're like many Americans, there isn't a whole lot left in the budget for high dollar aesthetic treatments. These three treatments, featured today on The Doctors can find their way into anyone's budget, and chances are you've already got most of what you need in your home right now.

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  • Oily Skin

    Those with oily skin should actually count themselves lucky, because while more oil may mean more clogged pores and breakouts in your teens, it can also act like a built in moisturizer to help you age more beautifully. However, if you want to take away some of the sheen, beauty expert Kym Douglas suggests using a toilet seat cover, like those found in public restrooms, and using some of that paper to blot the skin. She compares the effectiveness to more expensive blotting pads from makeup stores.

  • Chapped Lips

    Rather than constantly reapplying Carmex and Burt's Bees, try this remedy to help soften and smooth the lips. Apply some lip balm, preferably with an SPF of 15 or higher to help protect the lips from damaging UV rays. Afterwards, place a piece of clear tape over the lips and press down, then remove the tape quickly. This will help to moisten the lips and remove the dead skin there.

  • Cellulite

    Make use of the coffee grinds left over from your morning cup of joe and use them in the shower. Kym says to mix the grinds with a little of your body wash and rub it on the area that you want to treat, usually the thigh/hip/buttock region. The grinds work as an exfoliant first of all, but the caffeine actually helps to draw out toxins in the skin and may reduce the appearance of cellulite.

  • Tired/Puffy Face

    Applying cold is a great way to constrict blood vessels and help to decrease puffiness in the face. Kym suggests taking a piece of aluminum foil a bit larger than the size of your face, create a hole for your mouth so that you can breathe, and place it in the freezer. Once it's nearly frozen, lie down with the aluminum over your face, shaping it to your own contours, and then relax so the cold can go to work!