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Vaser Body Contouring System Used for Underarm Sweating


Excessive underarm sweating or hyperhydrosis is a difficult issue to tackle, but the Vaser device has shown promise as a permanent solution for sweaty pits.

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If you have an embarrassing sweat problem, you're not alone. You may have heard about using BOTOX to help curb excessive underarm sweating or hyperhidrosis, but now some physicians are offering a permanent solution from the body contouring device Vaser, using ultrasound technology.

The procedure is fairly straightforward and takes only around 25 minutes. While the patient is under light sedation, the doctor first injects tumescent fluid - the same that's used in liposuction procedures - into the underarm, which aids in the movement of the ultrasonic waves. The waves are set to a specific frequency that damages and kills the sweat glands while avoiding harm to the surrounding tissues. Once the sweat glands are dead, they won't come back, and you can wear white shirts in Summer. Afterwards, the dead gland tissue is removed and typically, only one stitch is needed.

Recently featured on The Doctors, Dr. Pearlman Hicks explained that not all of the sweat glands are damaged as a certain amount of underarm sweating is healthy, but the Vaser treatment does permanently reduce the sweating. It is an off-label use of the Vaser technology, so make sure your physician is familiar with using Vaser for this purpose. The treatment is for patients who sweat excessively, not for someone with a moderate amount.