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Moms, Reclaim Your Belly with the 2-for-1 Tummy Tuck!


Correct diastasis recti and get your stomach back with this tummy tuck that focuses on both the skin and the underlying muscles.

mommy tummy tuck
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A common problem for moms is the inability to get back your pre-baby belly, no matter how much you do. Often times, there's really nothing that moms can do, especially when they suffer from diastasis recti, a condition common after pregnancy where the muscles of the stomach have separated after growing to accommodate the baby. The farther the muscles spread, the harder they are to bring back together, and sometimes it is impossible to correct without surgical intervention.

Dr. Drew Ordon of The Doctors shared the details of a procedure he calls the 2 for 1 Tummy Tuck. The key to this surgery's success is the physician strengthens the underlying muscles of the abdomen by lacing together the two sides of the stomach muscles, almost as if lacing a pair of shoes. After the muscles have been rejoined, the physician removes the excess skin.

The incision is made in the same area as a traditional tummy tuck, right at the bikini line wo it can be easily hidden under clothes. For some their condition is not as severe and they don't have the muscle separation, but have a fat deposit they can't get rid of. For these patients a tummy tuck surgery may not be necessary and they can get sufficient improvement from one of the new liposuction techniques which use a laser or ultrasonic energy. Laser lipo treatments like SmartLipo and SlimLipo are popular as are other technologies like Vaser There are also now other non-surgical options like Zerona and Zeltiq but these don't offer the same level improvement as a surgical procedure can.