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Hi-Definition Liposculpture Accentuates Athletic Bodies


Small changes can make a big difference when you carefully remove fat with an intent to do more than just reduce size, but actually reveal the patient's underlying muscle structure.

You may not think that the fit woman on the treadmill next to you would want liposuction, but you'd be surprised at how many generally in-shape and athletic people are now turning to lipo procedures to help give their bodies a more chiseled, defined look. Patients who are already fit are turning more and more to high definition liposculpture surgeries to bring out the muscle and bone structure that's lying underneath a thin layer of fat.

At Bod:evolve in Denver, triple board certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Broadway, along with his partners, has developed Hi-Def techniques that are gaining worldwide notoriety. "I think the differences that we see are both in how we approach the patient, but also the results that we're able to show the patients." He says the critical difference between the high def technique offered at Bod:evolve and other liposculpture procedures is the attention to artistic detail and the desire to uncover the patient's anatomy. "Most surgeons are primarily interested in de-bulking; they are taking the patients and circumferentially making them smaller. They are trying to get bulges down - and all those things are good, but the way that we approach the patient is a bit different in that we are trying to bring out anatomical detail."

hi def lipo before and after
Actual Results of Dr. David Broadway with Vaser

Dr. Broadway says that many of the patients he sees want to show off their athleticism by revealing the muscular and bony structure which exercise and healthy diet have formed. Unfortunately for some, exercise and diet are not enough to get rid of a sufficient amount of fat for the muscles to be seen. "We try to bring some of those underlying features out so that you look a bit more healthy; you look more youthful, more athletic - and many of our patients are actually seeking that out. They're not just trying to be made smaller but more athletic in appearance."

The majority of patients who have this procedure done are not overweight but have a few spotty areas of fat that their workout regimen can't touch. Often, Dr. Broadway treats male patients who want to show off their abs and pecs, so the procedure is designed to intricately sculpt away fat from key areas to highlight the definition in those areas.

Most commonly, Dr. Broadway will use either the Vaser lipo or SmartLipo device to sculpt his patients, depending on their individual need. Vaser lipo uses ultrasound waves to gently shake the fat way from surrounding structures and SmartLipo uses a laser to melt the fat. In both cases, the fat is easier to remove than without the assistance of the device, making the precision sculpting necessary for the high def procedure possible.