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The Coolaser and Madonna Lift - Solutions for Crow's Feet


Fractional resurfacing lasers give patients back the bright eyes of their youth.

There are several factors that can cause wrinkles such as sun exposure, smoking, and the breakdown of collagen and elastin that comes from aging. Those lines around your eyes, often called crow's feet, are notorious for adding years to your appearance, and luckily there are several solutions available. From lasers to injectables, there's a crow's feet solution for everyone.

Dr. Drew Ordon of The Doctors discusses crow's feet today with Dr. Simon Ourian of the Epione Medical Corporation of Los Angeles, who uses a procedure he calls the Coolaser. He uses a fractional laser and first cools the skin to improve patient comfort. The energy from the laser then evaporates the top layer of skin and penetrates deep to bring about collagen regrowth which helps to tighten the skin and restore elasticity.

Actual Results of Madonna Lift by Dr. Bruce Katz

The Madonna Lift is another option for patients who want to rejuvenate their eyes. Developed by Dr. Bruce Katz of Juva Skin in New York, he uses a fractional laser to lift the eyes, and is even able to reduce dark circles under the eyes. Dr. Katz says, "It actually not only takes away wrinkles and tightens the eyelid's skin, it takes away dark circles and we get an eyebrow elevation as well - an eyebrow lift. Our patients are really thrilled and the best part about it is that there's minimal downtime."

Other treatments such as Retin-A topical skin cream, which is available with prescription, Botox injections and facial fillers can also smooth out your crow's feet and open your eyes to a more youthful appearance.