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Over 100,000 Patients Have Taken the Dysport Challenge


After a huge response from patients and physicians, Medicis extends the Dysport Challenge.

Medicis, the makers of Dysport - a botulinum toxin similar to Botox - today announced that over 100,000 patients have registered for the Dysport Challenge. The challenge invite potential patients to have one treatment done and within 14 days afterward, register for the challenge at www.DysportUSA.com. Patients would then download the Dysport Coupon Rebate Form and mail the rebate form with their itemized receipt to get a $75 rebate check whether or not they had a second treatment.

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Then, three months following the first treatment, the patient has the option for a second treatment for another $75 rebate. This time - if you loved your first treatment, you simply get Dysport again, however, if you want to leave it, the physician would treat the patient with another botulinum toxin type A product and Medicis would refund $75 off the treatment cost. Within 14 days after the second treatment, mail the rebate form and itemized receipt for your second check.

Medicis previously announced that of 53,840 patients who took the Dysport Challenge between March 1 and May 9, 2010, 91.2% of the patients who made a selection chose "Love It." As of May 25 due to continued overwhelming response, only patients choosing "Leave It" are required to make a selection. To date, 2.6% of all patients who have registered have made a selection to "Leave It" since the program was launched.

"We are pleased to announce this tremendous support by both physicians and patients for the Dysport Challenge," said Jonah Shacknai, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Medicis. "Medicis made a bold statement of confidence in the brand by offering patients the opportunity to try Dysport and save up to $150 total. Given the option to select 'Leave It' and still save $75 on a treatment with another botulinum toxin type A, only 2.6% of the more than 100,000 registered patients chose 'Leave It.' We are eager to see more patients try Dysport."

The challenge was set to end at the end of May, but the success of the program has prompted Medicis to continue the challenge through September 30, 2010. For complete offer details visit www.DysportUSA.com or talk to your licensed healthcare professional.