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Physicians Favor Body-Jet for Fat Transfer


As natural fat transfer procedures grow in popularity, one fat removal system is standing out as a favorite amongst plastic surgeons.

Liposuction has evolved to include devices and technologies that allow a physician to more easily remove the fat, reducing the risk of damage to other tissues and in many cases speeding up patient recovery. {!Body-Jet} is a unique fat removal system that uses a high powered, fanned out jet of water to break up fat so that it can be more easily suctioned out. One of the benefits of Body-Jet is that unlike laser fat removal devices, the fat cells aren't destroyed in the process of breaking them up so that they can then be used for fat transfer procedures if the patient desires.

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Bay Area board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Daryl Hoffman recently added Body-Jet to his practice in anticipation of the popularity of the fat transfer procedures to the face, breast, and buttocks. Dr. Hoffman says, "I think that's really going to be its big advantage because it will produce a large volume of high quality fat compared to doing it with the other methods that I have."

Patients are turning to natural, or autologous fat transfer for many reasons, one of which being the permanent nature of fat as a facial filler. Unlike other manufactured fillers such as Radiesse and Juvederm, fat fully integrates itself becoming a permanent part of the body in the area that it's placed. As Dr. Hoffman describes, "The advantage of using your own fat is that it actually picks up a blood supply and lives, so some of it is going to be long lasting as opposed to the off-the-shelf fillers that are going to maybe only last six months or a year. Fat can last potentially forever."

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Darryl Blinski uses Body-Jet in his office for fat transfer and also for liposuction alone. He likes the system for it's ability to apply tumescent solution during the procedure. He occasionally combines treatments, using the laser-based SmartLipo along with Body-Jet. "I've been using Body-Jet in some cases, using SmartLipo in some cases or using them both together where I call it the Smart Body Jet and sometimes I do ultrasonic Body-Jet and SmartLipo and traditional lipo."

Patients also like that the fillers are natural, and that they're able to avoid using implants for breast and buttock augmentation. Dr. Hoffman says that it's best to remove fat from areas such as the upper and lower abdomen, love handles, and thighs because they are more likely to have large volumes of fat to use for the transfer. "We can reduce fat from this area and harvest it to inject into the buttocks for natural augmentation - and also the process of removing the fat from the love handles or hip areas can help define the buttocks as well."

Another advantage that the Body-Jet system offers is that it can filter the fat for reuse. "When you're harvesting fat to use for transfer, there's a special container that goes inside the Body-Jet machine and it first strains out the big fibrous tissue that would clog up your syringe and then it strains out the fluid such as blood or saline or broken fat cells that aren't viable. You end up with a chamber of golden fat cells that are ready to be transplanted."

It is important to remember that some of the fat will be lost after injection, so many physicians will overfill in anticipation of some loss. However, Dr. Hoffman says that some suggest that with improved harvesting methods, up to 70% of the fat survives. It's also important for those seeking breast augmentation to bear in mind that fat transfer won't provide the same volume addition that traditional augmentation will.