7 Summer Exercises that Use Your Noodle


Exercising in the water is a great low impact way to burn calories and enjoy the outdoors. These moves add in a pool noodle for extra fun!

Working out in the pool is a fun way to cool down, spend some time with the family, and burn some calories from all of the barbecues you've been going to. Self magazine suggests these 7 pool exercises you do with your noodle to help keep you buoyant so you can focus on engaging your muscles.

pool noodle exercise

  1. Float in deep water with the noodle wrapped around your upper back and secured under your arms, with your hands on either end. Point your toes straight down towards the bottom of the pool with your feet together. Use your abs and raise your knees toward chest, holding for 2 seconds, then straighten. Do 20 reps.

  2. Stomach down, begin floating with your toes on the pool ladder, hold the noodle in front of you with both hands shoulder-width apart, then engage your abs to stabilize yourself while pushing the noodle toward the pool bottom, keeping arms straight, until you're in plank position. Once there, hold it for 30 seconds and return to your starting position. Do 10 reps.

  3. Grab on to the pool ladder with both hands, elbows bent, and place the noodle under your stomach. Float with your feet together and legs extended behind you, then use your core to maintain your balance and lower your legs toward pool bottom, until your body is at a 90 degree angle, then return to the start. Do 20 reps.

  4. Stand in waist deep water with feet hip-width apart. Hold the noodle on the water's surface with your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Push the noodle down as you raise one leg behind you until the leg is parallel to pool bottom. Do 10 reps. Switch sides; repeat.

  5. In chest deep water, stand with feet hip-width apart and hold the noodle up with your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart at the surface of the water. Squat, submerging the noodle to your knees, and then stand as you rotate torso to the right, moving the noodle through water to right side. Rotate back to center. Repeat squat sequence on left side for one rep. Do 20 reps.

  6. Float on your back with the noodle under your knees and your arms extended out to your sides. Crunch so that your butt is submerged but your knees stay at water level in the noodle. Bring your hands toward your knees inside the curve of the noodle. Return to start for one rep. Do 20 reps.

  7. Stand with your feet hip-width apart in chest-deep water and hold one end of noodle in each hand, arms extended in front of you underwater, noodle bent into a U. Push noodle toward pool bottom as you step over the noodle with your left leg into a lunge. Step back to start. Repeat on opposite side for one rep. Do 10 reps.

Remember when you're spending time outdoors to use a good sunblock and be water safe. If you're not a good swimmer, make sure to have a lifeguard present when you're in the water.