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Faster Laser Hair Removal With Less Pain


Lumenis LightSheer Duet uses a larger treatment tip and lower fluence for faster, less painful treatments.

Laser hair removal is one of the most commonly sought aesthetic treatments available, yet many don't know much about it. In recent years, many advancements have been made to increase both the comfort and effectiveness of permanent hair reduction. One aesthetic laser company, Lumenis, has developed the LightSheer Duet, a laser hair removal device that is at the top of the market.

The LightSheer Duet differs from older technology by treating a larger area with lower fluence. "Traditionally, the approach has been to use a very short, very high fluence in a small spot size," says Dr. Schlomit Halachmi, a board certified dermatologist from Tel Aviv, Israel. "Small spot size is the technical component but the traditional teaching has been to use high fluences to get high frequency. What this device does is actually use a larger spot size which allows the use of a lower fluence which makes the treatment faster and better tolerated."

lightsheer duet laser hair removal
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The difference in speed and comfort of the treatment is incredible as the spot is more than twice as large as traditional lasers. "The great limiting step in laser hair removal is actually moving the spot so if you think about it you just have to stamp out an entire area. In a traditional spot that's a 1 by 1 centimeter it's very slow to treat a man's back for example. Here we have 2 x 3.5 centimeters, significantly larger. So you can treat a man's back very quickly or a woman's leg." The larger size also helps make the procedure more comfortable. "It's much better tolerated because with the larger spot size we can get away with a lower energy to get the same effect."

The device does also offer a smaller spot size for treating smaller areas. Dr. Halachmi says, "[The LightSheer Duet] has two hand pieces. One is the large spot size, and it's got the traditional spot size as well so at times, if you're doing an area that's limited and you can't actually use the large spot size, just pick up the second hand piece and you've got the small spot size to use. If you're treating a leg for example you may want to use a small spot size over the boney areas and the larger spots around it."

As with any laser hair removal device, patients should stay out of the sun. "The general teaching has been and always should be that aesthetic procedures should be avoided within two weeks of sun exposure on either end. So we don't treat anybody who's tan with any kind of light based procedure regardless of the device and we tell them to avoid sun for at least two weeks after treatment."

Lumenis LightSheer Duet has multiple settings that make it possible to treat all skin types, but the hair needs to be dark. Dr. Halachmi says that patients respond well to the treatment. "We actually have had no adverse effects whatsoever. No redness, no edema and minimal pain. No down time and patients are very happy with the procedure, they walk in and they walk out." Treatments don't require topical anesthetic, nor the gel commonly associated with older technologies. "You can't use the gel because this is a vacuum hand piece so if you ever used gel it would actually clog up the hand piece, so there's really much less preparation time than with standard technology."
Dr. Shlomit Halachmi
Dr. Shlomit Halachmi
Dr. Shlomit Halachmi is a dermatologist at the Rabin Medical Center in Israel and was trained at the Harvard Medical School in Massachusetts. From September 2005-May 2007, Dr. Halachmi was the VP of Medical Affairs for UltraShape, based in Israel and has spoken at numerous medical conferences and presented at the 30th Annual American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery Meeting (ASLMS) in Phoenix, Arizona. She spoke about the Lumenis LightSheer Duet in a presentation titled "LightSheer Duet Exceeds Patient Expectations."

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