Best At-Home Skin Care Systems

Options for at-home skin care are vast - whether you have something specific in mind or just want to take care of your face, here are a few facial skin care lines we're enraptured with!

We all know we should take better care of our skin - sunscreen daily, yearly visits to our dermatologists - but what of our daily facial regiments? A good daily facial regiment should be based on your skin type and include at the very bare minimum: cleanser, exfoliater, moisturizer and sunscreen. Below are a few of American Health and Beauty's favorites. Whatever your price point or skin type, we've got the ideal at home skin care regiment for you!

best at-home skin care
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  • Lumixyl Brightening System

    Envy Medical, makers of the Lumixyl Brightening Serum, recently launched their Lumixyl Brightening System earlier this year. Ideal for all skin types, The Lumixyl Topical Brightening System contains four full size stellar products to attack hyperpigmentation of the skin due to age spots, brown spots and sun damage, which in turn can give skin an aged appearance. The Brightening System includes: Active-Prep Cleanser, Topical Brightening Creme, GlycoPeel 20 Rapid Exfoliating Lotion, and Moisture-Lock Sunscreen SPF 30. AHB staff member Cindy says, "I could feel it working the moment I put on the GlycoPeel! I started the system a few days before I was in a wedding and I felt like my skin was glowing the entire day!"

    It is very important to keep to the system and end with the Moisture-Lock Sunscreen SPF 30 as the brightening peptides make skin very sensitive to sun. Developed by dermatologists, the Lumixyl Topical Brightening System is only available at dermatology offices. Retail value of the Brightening System is $270.

  • Dermalogica

    An oldy but a goody, Dermalogica was developed 25 years ago by The International Dermal Institute, which consisted of skin therapists who wanted to promote skin health. A variety of kits are available, specifically tailored to your skin type, and range from Sensitized to Adult Acne to Age Smart. They also offer kits for normal, oily, dry skin or any combination of the three. Each kit includes 5-6 travel size products to target your skin. Also available for sale are full sized products but we recommend starting with a kit to get familiar with the products. AHB reader Jamie says, "I've been a Dermalogica groupie for over ten years. I love traveling with their kits but I'm a complete addict to their spray toners. No cotton ball necessary and you don't have to follow up with as much moisturizer!"

    Dermalogica products contain no artificial fragrances or colors and are ideal if you have sensitive skin. Kits and products are available online as well as at salons. The majority of their products come in travel size (out of the kits) so you never have to leave home without your skin care products! Retail value of kits range from $35 to $40.

  • Aveeno Facial Skin Care

    Somewhat new to the facial skin care system game, Aveeno products are made from all natural ingredients such as soy, oats and shiitake. You may have used the Colloidal Oatmeal soak to help soothe dry, irritated skin but their new skin care products are nothing to scoff at. Available at drugstores, there are five lines to choose from: Ageless Vitality, Positively Radiant, Positively Ageless, Ultra Calming and Clear Complexion (for adult acne). With the exception of Ageless Vitality, there are no kits available to try the products but at a price point of about $10 per product, you can experiment! AHB staff member Nancy raves, "I LOVE the Naturals Positively Ageless Daily Cleansing Pads! Smooth on one side and textured on the other - I can remove my makeup and exfoliate in the shower. Talk about a time saver!"

    Aveeno facial products are an inexpensive yet excellent skin care regiment that you can easily implement. Perfect for sensitive skin, you can pick the products up at your drugstore, local superstore or even online. Retail value of products range from $8 to $20.
There are so many skin care options out there, these are but a few that we're crazy about here at American Health and Beauty. On the professional level, it's good to see a dermatologist if you have specific goals in mind with your skin care regiment. If you are unsure of your skin type, make sure you speak to a professional at a salon or of course, you may ask your dermatologist. Armed with this information, there is no reason for you to not take care of the most visible part of the biggest organ on your body - your face!