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Hair Transplants to the Chest?


Featured on "The Doctors," some patients are seeking out hair transplants not to the head, but to the chest.

If you desire more hair on your chest, you aren't alone. In a recent episode of The Doctors they demonstrated the "Follicular-Unit Extraction" or FUE method for removing complete hair follicles, but in this case, rather than redistributing hair on a patient's scalp, the hairs are implanted on the patient's chest.

fue on the doctors
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Dr. Yael Halaas performed the procedure and says that it isn't unusual for men to request a hair transplant to their chest. She also said she sees women who have over-plucked their eyebrows or perhaps have had laser hair removal and now prefer a more natural looking brow, so they have hair transplanted to the eyebrows for better volume.

FUE has been around for years, but has been too time consuming and costly for many patients. The FDA approved NeoGraft system is relatively new and is used to streamline the FUE hair transplant procedure, making it much more cost effective than previous treatment options. It is the least invasive hair transplant available, and there is no linear scar where the donor hair is harvested. Recovery is shorter and more comfortable with less activity restrictions and there are no stitches to be removed. Because of the reduced need for additional surgeries and the relative speed of the procedure, patient cost is greatly reduced.

It takes several months for the hair to really "take" at the implant site and begin growing and filling in. The procedure isn't very painful and patients are typically thrilled with the results.