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SmartLipo Triplex: Where Plastic Surgeons Become Artists


Three wavelengths combine to become a powerful and artistic tool for body sculpting.

The latest devices in laser body sculpting are making use of multiple frequencies to accomplish both fat emulsification and skin tightening to provide a more beautiful body contour. Some physicians are using these devices for high definition sculpting to uncover the muscles that are hidden beneath thin layers of fat. SmartLipo has been the gold standard of laser lipo modalities since gaining FDA approval in 2006. Now, SmartLipo is again leading the pack with their SmartLipo Triplex device which uses three distinct wavelengths for optimal results.

"For the first time I have a device, that's in my opinion equivalent in efficacy and speed to the ultrasound devices on the market that we use, first of all," says Dr. John Millard, a Denver area board certified plastic surgeon and national Smartlipo Triplex trainer. The Triplex device stands out as the only one using three different wavelengths, the latest addition being the 1440nm wavelength which is manufacturer Cynosure's follow up to the SmartLipo Multiplex also known as the SmartLipo MPX - device.

Dr. Millard also says that patients are finding that recovery following body contouring with SmartLipo Triplex is less painful than some other devices. "There's been a pleasant surprise - the least painful device post-operatively that we've used. The post op - for the pain - we're seeing the Triplex is actually significantly less than I saw with the Multiplex, with the previous 1064 wavelengths and from ultrasound and so that was a pleasant surprise that we weren't even aware of from the company. It was just something we've seen in our patients that has been in my opinion fairly impressive."

smartlipo hi definition before and after photos
Actual SmartLipo Hi Def Results of Dr. John Millard

With traditional lipo procedures, patients would often need more work done to tighten the skin, often with tummy tuck or more recently, separate skin tightening devices. One of the advantages of a SmartLipo system is the ability to stimulate collagen growth and tighten the skin. Dr. Bruce Katz, a notable board certified dermatologist in New York says, "We just published a study in December [2009] in the journal Lasers in Surgery and Medicine showing that using laser lipo and particularly SmartLipo MPX, which is a two wavelength laser lipo device, that we can use it just for skin tightening alone now. So I think we get much better results by doing the skin tightening with the laser lipo fiber than by trying to use devices that work externally where you lose a lot of energy by cooling and going through the skin. We put the fiber right under the skin and we're getting significant skin tightening."

Dr. Millard is one of the pioneers of Hi-Def procedures and says that he's found SmartLipo Triplex to be highly effective. "It's the absolute technology of choice for high def arms, high def knees and high def legs. I don't use anything else but the Triplex. High definition SmartLipo is an extension of what we developed and brought to the United States about four years ago.... In areas where we've extended high definition liposculpture, namely high def arms where we're sculpting out biceps and tricep definition, deltoid/bicep group definition, and really creating the muscular and athletic look in both men and women."

The reason Triplex is preferred over other devices, according to Dr. Millard, are the wavelength characteristics unique to this modality. "It's the technology I use exclusively in this setting because of its wave characteristics, energy characteristics in the superficial subcutaneous fat, and its flexibility to be able to work around these tighter areas. It's the same for high def knees, calves and ankles as well. It's my technology of choice in this area for its ability to work in superficial fat with minimal induration and again to work around these tight curves comfortably."

The SmartLipo Triplex device is also easier to work with in a tumescent setting so that the patient is awake during the procedure. "The tumescent setting also lends itself to much more comfort for the patient using SmartLipo. SmartLipo, especially the Triplex, we don't have the heating issues we had with the Multiplex 1064 and the 1320 which were more of a race to get the work done before you had too much heat placed in the tissue and you really don't see that with the 1440. The 1440 is a very comfortable tool where you can get your work done fast and effectively and really not hit those terminal heating problems you were running into with the previous wavelengths."

Dr. Millard takes an artist's stance when it comes to revealing the beautiful body within his patients. "Essentially high def and liposculpture is a process by which we use the underlying musculature and space between the muscles as a template. I like to say that many of us have muscle definition but most of us hide it and high definition liposculpture essentially - at the end of the day - allows the surgeon to become the artist, the patient the canvas and we're creating living breathing works of art. It's an ever evolving process of studying what makes the human form beautiful and not just, as I teach my students, looking at somebody and saying they're beautiful but asking why are they beautiful."

SmartLipo HiDef with Triplex is not intended for those looking to remove a significant amount of fat. This procedure is more suited for someone who is in otherwise great shape but has some stubborn pockets of fat to get rid of. "It's lipo for people who work out and just trying to fine tune their body shape," says Dr. Millard