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Breast Reduction with Laser Bra Technique Provides Internal Support


Breast lifts and reduction procedures can now do more than just remove fat and lift the breast, but provide support for years to come.

Women with large breasts, often suffer daily with back, neck and shoulder pains. There are surgical options available such as Breast reduction and breast lift but these do come with some disadvantages. A new technique, discussed today on The Doctors is known as The Laser Bra, and it provides both lift and reduction while improving the breasts' support system and their appearance.

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Traditionally, three incisions are required for breast reduction which may be hidden around the areola and the lower breast crease depending upon the size and shape of the breast. In breast reduction, a wedge shaped portion of breast tissue is removed from the bottom of the breast, along with the excess skin that was covering it. After the excess tissue is removed, the entire breast is brought up to a higher position on the chest. The physician will attempt to preserve the nipples' connection to the underlying breast tissue to maintain sensation in the nipples. Occasionally preserving nipple sensation isn't possible and the entire nipple and areola must be removed and then replaced in a higher position that's in keeping with the lifted breast tissue.

Women who choose to undergo a breast lift do not have any of the tissue removed but simply lift the breast and reposition the nipple if needed. One downside to this procedure is that it will need to be repeated to maintain results. Over time, the breast will stretch out again and the sagging will return.

The new Laser Bra breast lift and reduction procedure designed by Dr. David Stoker, a plastic surgeon in Marina Del Rey, CA, preserves the excess breast tissue and skin removed during the reduction and places that tissue in the upper portion of the breast, filling it out and supporting the breasts. Blood flow is increased to the tissues, speeding up the healing time. Nipple sensation and the ability to breastfeed are usually preserved so that patients have not only a beautiful result, but a functional one too.