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Get Complete Results with Combination Procedures


Many physicians like to use multiple treatments to provide a dramatic change.

For the majority of those who visit with their aesthetic physician, they don't have just one issue they want to remedy. A patient who wants to treat their age spots often has wrinkles and some laxity as well. Many physicians like to combine procedures to give a full face makeover - without surgery - and will combine fillers and lasers and radio frequency (RF) devices to provide the best result.

Dr. Janee Steinberg, a dermatologist in south Florida says she often combines Thermage skin tightening treatments with injectables to reduce skin laxity and diminish wrinkles. "It's very very common to combine [Thermage] either with Botox to diminish the muscles in the face creating the lines for feeling.... We almost always fill a week or two after Thermage because that's going to give you that immediate change while I'm waiting for the collagen to rewind and tighten and give you the longer change."

thermage before and after
Actual Thermage Results of Dr. Janee Steinberg

Dr. Steinberg also likes to combine Fraxel laser resurfacing treatments with the Thermage treatments. "We love our Thermage machine. We couple it often with the Fraxel. Patients have issues with pigmentation, wrinkles, pores and large pore and very often we'll do fractionated laser treatment in conjunction with Thermage." She says the two machines function differently; Thermage treats the skin at a deeper level, tightening it and fractional resurfacing is a surface treatment for discoloration and fine lines.

"That combination of laser and Thermage is really a good package for most people in the 40-60 age group because they really don't want the surgery, they don't want the facelift but they're loose in here [cheeks] and they want to be tightened," says Dr. Steinberg.

When choosing an aesthetic physician, you should make sure that the doctor offers several modalities and treatments so they can customize treatment to suit your needs. Discuss your goals and expectations with your doctor and find the best option, or combination of options for you.