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Vaginal Rejuvenation: They're All Unique


New study finds that for one procedure, a one size fits all approach doesn't work.

vaginal rejuvenation
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Vaginal rejuvenation procedures are growing in popularity as women seek out a better looking vagina from their physicians. One common procedure is the clitoral hoodoplasty where excess skin that's covering the clitoris is removed. A recent article in the Journal of Gynecologic Surgery however, showed that removing the skin may not be the best way to reach the end goal of a more aesthetic vagina and increased sexual sensation.

Patients with skin overgrowth on their clitoris will often have adhesion of the clitoris to the skin, and sexual activities can be painful. This procedure not only repairs the aesthetics, but also frees the clitoris from the adhesion, making sex pain-free again.The study from gynecologist Dr. Adam Ostrzenski shows that reduction of the hood is not needed in all cases and that often rebuilding the clitoral hood and bringing up the clitoris from under the skin location was necessary.

Many options are available for women looking to rejuvenate both the appearance of their vagina and their sexual sensation. G-Shot enhancement procedures enlarge the G-spot erogenous zone to make sex more pleasurable, and labiaplasty reduces the size of enlarged labia. If you're curious about vaginal rejuvenation, check with an aesthetic physician with experience in these procedures.