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Al Roker - 8 Years and 115 Pounds of Weight Loss


The "Today Show" takes a look back at the once fat funny man's weight loss journey.

Al Roker is a name well recognized around the country as one of NBC's Today Show team, delivering weather and banter along with his fellow news team members Matt Lauer, Meredith Viera and Ann Curry. As his fame grew, so did his waistline, and he became synonymous with obesity, weighing in at 340 lbs when he was at his heaviest. Roker made a promise to his father that he would lose weight shortly before his dad's death, and after careful consideration, chose to undergo gastric bypass surgery in 2002. He has faced some weight loss struggles in the last 8 years but overall has lost more than 115 lbs in that time. Roker still maintains his weight with diet and exercise and stresses that while the surgery does help you lose weight, in the end you have to do the work yourself.

al roker weight loss
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Often, losing a significant amount of weight can leave behind loose skin, an unattractive ring around the waist, or sometimes the arms or thighs as well. Exercise does help to tighten up the skin, not to mention the weight loss, but for many patients, it simply isn't enough.

Cosmetic surgery procedures are available to safely remove loose skin and excess fat on most parts of the body. Tummy tucks take the excess from your stomach area with an incision at the bikini line to provide a smoother profile. A body lift procedure takes the tummy tuck a little further by extending around to the hips and back. Similar surgeries such as an arm lifts and thigh lifts also remove the excess skin and fat that can occur after losing weight. These are all serious surgical procedures and the body lift often requires an overnight hospital stay. Patients are generally happy with their results as these procedures help them to enjoy their weight loss more.

Losing weight and having excess skin can be a problem amongst those who have lost a moderate amount, and they also may turn to their physician when exercise can't seem to help. In some cases, major surgery can be avoided and a laser lipo procedure such as SmartLipo can be done instead. These treatments first melt fat, making it easier to suction it out, and then use the laser to deliver heat to the underlying tissues, tightening the skin as well. Other similar modalities are available that use alternative methods of disrupting the fat, such as Vaser lipo which uses ultrasonic energy, and {!Body-Jet} which uses pressurized water. Tickle Lipo also offers a safe way to disrupt and remove fat but only uses the vibration of the cannula, without delivering heat or pressurized water. Neither Tickle Lipo nor Body-Jet offer skin tightening though, so some physicians turn to skin tightening devices like Reaction by Viora or Thermage to stimulate collagen growth.

Discuss your expectations with your doctor to explore your options, both surgical and minimally invasive, to look your best after doing the hard work of losing weight.