Transgender Feminization Through Cosmetic Surgery


For transgender patients, cosmetic surgery can help them achieve an outer appearance that matches who they are inside.

Gender reassignment surgery is an intense and very personal process for those who choose to undergo the treatment. Male to female transgender patients take hormones which enable the growth of breasts and enlargement of the nipples and areolae, as well as the reassignment of fat that which is more consistent with a female form. However, some patients opt for surgical feminization procedures as a complement to hormones, or as an alternative to a complete gender reassignment.

feminization surgery

Dr. Joel Beck, a plastic surgeon in San Fransisco, CA mostly works with men seeking a more feminine appearance. "Nowadays, I'm working a lot with men who want to look more feminine," says Beck. "While I don't do the sexual reassignment surgery, I will do work on the face and contour the bones of the face, the nose, the cheeks, the jaw line, the Adam's apple and make those men appear more feminine in appearance."

On his website,, Dr. Beck says that it's his goal to help patients look more feminine while minimizing the amount of surgery needed. He points to the wide female jawline, seen in celebrities Uma Thurman and Gwyneth Paltrow, and says that while this jawline is more commonly associated with men, in women it can be a prized feature. "Diminishing the angularity of the mandible may make a more typical woman, but it is unlikely to make a more attractive one."

Dr. Beck says this portion of his surgical practice is a particularly rewarding one as he fills a need for patients who need someone to understand their situation. "It's really gratifying because these patients really feel like they need somebody to listen to them and care for them."

See Dr. Joel Beck discuss feminization cosmetic surgery below: